A Very Simple and Fun DIY Blanket Vest


Have you heard of a blanket vest yet? If not, get on top of that because it’s about to become your best friend. Remember that old scarf you have but never wear anymore because it’s so big, bulky and just not what you want from a scarf? Yes, we all have one or two or 10 of those and there is nothing wrong with that. Of course, we can either get rid of them or we can do something crafty with them that will inspire us to wear them again on a regular basis. That’s our choice. Wearing something over and over is always a good idea, and we’re on board for this one. You can take that old scarf and make it into a blanket vest, something you can wear to keep warm without spending entirely too much money. We have a video that’s going to help you tackle this project, and a few reasons why you should try it on your own.

It Takes No Time at All

If you have 10 minutes, you can do this project on your own. It takes absolutely no time at all. It’s a simple project you can take on with an old scarf, a few minutes time and a little patience. And don’t forget the scissors. You’ll need scissors.

It’s Free

Who doesn’t love making something trendy and stylish to wear when it doesn’t cost you a thing? It’s the best way to get dressed, if you ask us. If you are looking for a trendy item to wear somewhere fun, why not make it yourself out of something you already own instead of breaking your budget to make yet another pointless shopping trip?

Anyone Can Do It

Perhaps you don’t fancy yourself a crafty soul. That’s completely fine; you don’t have to. Of course, the more crafting skill you have, the faster you can complete this task, but no one is saying you have to be a pro at something like this. It’s something you’ll do with ease over time, and you should be excited to expand your crafting skills.

Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images


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