Secret Tips to Getting Pretty While on a Plane

There’s nothing more amazing than vacation, and there are only three things that can ruin that; a delayed flight, lost luggage and arriving in not the best of visual shape. It sounds vain, but arriving at your destination and making your way to the bathroom for a quick second only to realize that you look like, well, someone who has been traveling for hours, is a serious downer. The tips are going to help you get pretty while you’re still on your flight.

Eat Healthy Food

Skip the unhealthy airport food and opt instead for healthy fruits and veggies. These are not loaded with salt, so you won’t suck out the moisture in your body during your flight. It’ll also keep you hydrated and loaded with antioxidants that prevent you from becoming puffy and swollen on your flight.

No Drinks

The worst thing you can do in the air is indulge in a cocktail or two. It’s going to puff you up, make your eyes look red and make your skin look less than gorgeous. Sorry ladies – I know it’s vacation, but when you’re this high in the air, your pretty face is going to suffer. It’s time to order water and stick to it to keep hydrated.


Flying can take the moisture right out of your skin like a magical little vacuum. Altitude and air quality are bad for moist skin, so pack your most moisturizing cream and reapply every 30 minutes while you’re in the air. It will help you look your best.

Avoid Makeup

The air on a plane is not good for makeup. Your pores expand, your makeup runs a bit and you look more like a clown than a gorgeous woman. So here’s the deal, forgo the makeup in the airport or at least wash your face when you board. Save your makeup application until just before you land to make sure you look your best.

Touch Up

The best thing you can do to look pretty while en route is to take your makeup with you and apply the three basics at the end of your flight; lip gloss, blush and mascara. It’s all you need to look gorgeous and make you look like you’re fresh out of bed rather than fresh from an entirely too cramped seat.

Here’s a helpful video with a little additional advice to help you get pretty on a plane:

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)


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