How to Make a DIY Wire Heart Ring


Sometimes it’s really cool to make things for people instead of buying them. We have so many ideas that will make people happy without making them feel you did not spend any time or effort on a gift, but that’s what makes them so special. The thought that goes into a personal, homemade gift is something so unique and wonderful that you just cannot ignore how these homemade gifts make people feel. One sweet gift we really do enjoy has no actual purpose, but it does make for a lovely item of décor or even just a meaningful gesture. A DIY wire heart ring is a perfect concept for someone looking to create something unique and sweet, and something that you can easily make or even just let your kids make as a fun project on a rainy day.

All you need is a little bit of wire – you can even use a paper clip if you want to get very simple not even remotely technical. You’ll also need pliers. All you are going to do is spend some time shaping your wire into a U and then folding down the sides and connecting them in the center at the bottom to form a heart. Once you do this, use your pliers to twist the ends together to create your heart and then make sure that you spend a few minutes using the pliers to make the shape of the heart seem seamless. You can do this by smoothing out the kinks and the little areas of the heart that aren’t straight or perfect thanks to using your hands. Once you are done with that, try clipping the tip of the heart together to smooth out the ends of the wires and make them as flat and unnoticeable as possible.

We’ve included a simple video to help you make one of your very own.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images




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