How to Make Your Own DIY Tutu


Here’s the deal with the adorable little tutus that so many people make for their little girls; you can make them yourself. You do not have to spend a small fortune at some Etsy shop to ensure that you are getting what you want for the little girl in your life. It’s really easy; in fact, it’s so easy that even I can make them and I have zero craft skill of which to speak. All you need to do is head to the store, pick up what you need and spend about 30 minutes doing the work. We can tell you exactly how to make your own DIY tutu, and you can do it yourself anytime you need a gift. You can probably open your own little shop and sell them. But whatever you do, be prepared for the fact that people are going to start asking you left and right to make their little ones tutus of their own so that they can show them off.

All you really need is a couple yards of tulle, some fabric scissors and some elastic, along with a needle and thread. What you’ll do first is measure the waist of the little girl for whom you are making the skirt and then subtract two inches. You want it to be tight enough to stretch, but not loose enough to fall down.

Now you will sew together the ends of the elastic with a needle and thread. Once you are done, find something that the elastic fits around and put it on there. You will now spread out your tulle. You want it to be about a foot wide (unless you want the tutu longer or shorter, and then you can adjust things) and you will want to cut strips that length. This is where it gets really simple. Just fold the strips over so that they are folded in half. Now you will put them around the elastic and pull the loose ends through the looped end and voila; you have a piece of the tutu completed. Now do this all the way around and enjoy.

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