How to Make Your Own DIY Sweater Socks this Winter

sweater socks

They are all over Pinterest and Instagram, and sweater socks are bigger than ever. They’re so cute, so adorable and look so amazing paired with leggings and riding boots. The only problem is that they’re actually really expensive if you look them up online from a cutesy boutique on Etsy or IG. No one wants to pay $30 for a pair of socks; really, one pair of socks at this price. Of course, people do pay that because they aren’t sure there is another way to get these gorgeous socks for far less. In fact, they have no idea they can make their own DIY sweater socks for next to nothing and in virtually no time. Lucky for you, we can tell you exactly how to do it and it won’t take you very long to have an entire collection of fashionable sweater socks at your disposal. Read on to find out how to make your own and even take a look at a video that will help you along the way.

Cut Up that Sweater

The first step is to cut the entire sleeve off an old sweater. Once you do this, put the sleeve on your leg. You’ll want the part that your hands would go through around your feet covering your toes completely. You will then make a few marks on the socks so that they are the shape of your toes. Take them off and cut the ‘sleeve’ portion of the sweater arm to mimic the shape of your foot as you previously colored it in.

Start Sewing

Using a machine or a needle and thread if you like to do it the time-consuming way, turn your ‘socks’ inside out and get started. You will pull together the ends of the ‘toes’ and sew them so they are rounded like the shape you just drew. You will then head up to the top of the ‘socks’ and fold the edges inward over a small piece of elastic one inch shorter than the width of the area of your leg where the socks will sit, sew them so they are even and voila; you are finished.

Check out this video for more in-depth assistance:

Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images


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