How to Make your Own DIY Stretch Mark Cream

olive oil

Stretch marks are the mark of a warrior, but women hate them. They’re enough to make a woman feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in her own skin, and nothing you say to a woman can change her feelings about that. Additionally, many women have chosen to get as many expensive formulas as they can to help reduce and minimize the appearance of their stretch marks after giving birth. I’m going to go out on a limb here and probably get some dirty looks; but I believe that it’s all about genetics. Four kids (three pregnancies since two are twins) later I have no stretch marks, but no one in my family ever got them after being pregnant  (so tell me that genetics isn’t the biggest factor here!). But I also know that a lot of women who do end up with them swear by DIY stretch mark remedies. If you weren’t able to prevent them (and don’t feel bad if you weren’t because like I said – genetics seem to play a big role in this), you might try to save a bit of money on expensive creams and lotions and make your own.


1 cup olive oil

¾ cup coconut oil

¼ cup beeswax

5 vitamin E capsules

To mix this blend you will need to put your ingredients all together in a glass jar. You can use a pretty mason jar or something else that’s lovely enough for you to want to keep your new, life-changing cream in. Just make sure it’s a deep container because you’re going to have to put it in a pot of boiling water and you don’t want any water getting into it.

Place your container in a pot of boiling water and allow all your capsules to melt completely. Once this happens, remove it from the water and stir your ingredients until they are all mixed well. Put your lid back on, store your new cream and use it every time you get out of the shower to prevent your stretch marks from becoming worse and even to minimize the appearance of old ones.

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