How to Make Your Own DIY Curtains


Curtains are so necessary for the look of just about any room. Not only are they far less expensive than wooden blinds, they are also a great way for you to get a little bit of privacy in your home. They also add aesthetic appeal to any room, allow you to darken the room when it’s time for some peace and quiet and even some rest, and they are a valuable resource for making any room look larger. Curtains are a great addition to any room. However, they can be a bit pricy. If you want something made with good quality that looks beautiful, you’ll want to spend some money. If it’s not in the budget to spend money on curtains like this, perhaps you could make your own DIY curtains. Cheap curtains aren’t pretty; and they look cheap. You want something you can count on for high quality appeal, and we have three things you can use to make your own DIY curtains.

Shower Curtains

These work great if you’re in the mood to make a curtain for a room that requires a bit of darkness. They’re typically a bit thicker than typical curtains which means you’ll be able to keep light out of baby’s rooms and other rooms for far less than you would buying blackout blinds. Additionally, shower curtains come in a number of fun designs you might not find elsewhere.


Of course you can use fabric to create your own curtains; that’s what they are made of, right? We recommend purchasing high-quality fabrics that will last a long time. Also, the higher the quality the easier they are to work with. And you’ll have endless options in terms of color and pattern when you go this route.

Other Curtains

You can take curtains you love and break them down into panels to make curtains you LOVE. This is something people do all the time in nurseries and playrooms. Making panels of curtains from their favorite previous curtains to create something one-of-a-kind and unique.

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