How to Make Your Own DIY Chalk Paint


DIY chalk paint is going to change your life. It’s not what you think it is, though. It sounds like something you might use for the kids to create a fun craft, but it’s actually something you use to create a project that has less to do with the kids and more to do with you. You can use chalk paint to distress furniture so that you get that perfectly distressed look that so many people are after when they are refurbishing old furniture. It’s great because it does not require any prepping and you do not have to sand the things that you want to paint. This makes your life a lot easier, and that makes you happy. And that makes us happy because we can tell you how to make a killer DIY chalk paint recipe that’s designed to make it easier for you to distress all the furniture in the world.

What You Need

1 cup latex paint

1.5 tablespoons cold water

2.5 tablespoons plaster of Paris

Start by mixing your plaster and your water in a small bowl until it is very smooth and even. The next step is to pour this mixture into the paint and mix everything very well. Don’t skimp on the mixture as it’s going to be the difference between a great DIY chalk paint and one that’s not so good. You’re done.

Be sure that you don’t judge the mixture on what you think it might look like. It’s going to look just like paint at first until you start to notice it drying with that wonderful chalk-like patina on it. It’s at this point you will notice that you did end up with what you wanted out of your paint. Go ahead and use it as often as you like; you’re going to love it.

Photo by Abid Katib/Getty Images


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