Household Items That Work Overtime

Like most people who walk the planet, I love household items that do double duty (like wine that makes good wine and good sangria…). We all have things in our house that we may use all the time or we may never use, but don’t want to get rid of. Here are a few household products that will do double duty to the point that your life is forever changed. You’re welcome.

Rubber Bands

In and out with the groceries or luggage post-vacation and tired of opening and shutting the door with your hands full? If you can’t leave the door open the entire time, hang a rubber band around the inside. Twist it so that it forms an X and attach the other side to the outer handle of the door. The X will sit directly on top of the locking mechanism so that all you have to do is push the door open when you want to get back in the room.

Eyeglass Cases

Of course you love them for your glasses, but what about the other little things you’re always digging through your bag for? Try placing your iPod and ear buds in one of these to keep them together and to keep them from becoming damaged. It makes finding them in your bag on an airplane so much easier.

Emery Boards

Aside from making your nails look great, an emery board might be your best friend. Use it to buff away stains on anything suede. This includes those expensive handbags and shoes that you love.


Cutting garlic and onions can make your hands smell less than pleasant. After washing your hands, rub them on a spoon to remove the smell. Don’t ask me how this works; I don’t know. All I know is that it does work. Just remember to wash the spoon after you rub your smelly fingers all over it.


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