The Health Benefit of Planting a Garden This Spring


It’s the time of year when you expect to see gardens blooming, flowers blossoming with color and the sun shining more often than not. It’s almost spring time. It’s time for people to head outside and get a head start on their spring planting so their gardens look amazing in time for the beautiful weather. If you’re not a gardener or you are the self-diagnosed possessor of a brown thumb, you might want to consider taking up gardening. It doesn’t have to be complicated in the least; anyone can do it. And there is one big reason why you should take up gardening now; it helps to relieve depression symptoms.

Fresh Air

Gardening is not a cure for depression. However, if you’re suffering from symptoms of depression or you’re feeling down more often than not, it can help significantly. The fresh air that’s required of you in gardening is great for your mind and emotions. Fresh air is a natural mood booster, making it nearly impossible for people to feel upset or down when they’re in it.

Vitamin D

One of the reasons medical and health experts prefer you spend some time in direct sunlight – depressed or not – is because it contains Vitamin D, an important part of life. It’s a natural high because it helps your body produce serotonin, which is like a drug that makes you feel happy. However, instead of being bad for your body and mind, it’s great for it.


Gardening comes naturally to some and not so much to others. However, what it does come with is a natural sense of accomplishment and self-worth no matter your skill level. When you spend time in your garden checking out the success of your lovely flowers or you use one of your very own vegetables to cook with, you feel a sense of pride that’s going to help you combat depression symptoms.

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