Great Ideas for DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend or Husband


Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that mean the most, and I hear this from my husband all the time. After nearly 14 years together – 10 of which we will celebrate married in just two short months – we have discovered that it’s not the big things we do for one another that mean the most. After all, there comes a point in your life when you’ve reached a level of success that means when you want something, you buy it. You don’t want for someone else to get it for you, you don’t wait for the holidays; you just buy it for yourself and call it a day. So what do you get for your husband/boyfriend when you want to present him with a present? Something homemade and thoughtful, of course. Take it from my husband, who is the most romantic man you’ll ever meet – homemade gifts that require thought and effort trump all other gifts all the time, no exceptions. So we have a few ideas for you to create DIY gifts for your boyfriend or husband he will love and adore.

Homemade Photo Album

I once surprised my husband with a photo album I made of us using the Shutterfly website. It was for our first wedding anniversary, and it was 30 pages of photos of all our firsts (date, house, vacation, pet). I captioned all of them with sweet memories and he was just in love with it. He still looks at it all the time.

A Coupon Book

If you use your photo editor, some pretty paper and some pretty fonts, you can come up with a coupon book he is going to love. Just pick his favorite things and add them to each page so that you promise him whatever, whenever he wants, and you have to make it happen.

A Project

Is there something that he’s always wanted to do around the house or yard that he keeps saying he’s going to get to? Like he wants to organize the garage or paint the upstairs bathroom? Why not do it yourself and surprise him with it? Men love this because it takes something off their plate (and eliminates a bit of nagging).

Photo illustration by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images


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