Great Ideas for a DIY Desk for Your Home Office


We are always big on DIY projects, especially since they are so much fun to create. And while we love the idea of making a DIY desk from scratch, we also love the idea of making one from something else you already have at home. The purpose of creating a DIY desk is twofold; you might have a knack for being creative and creating one-of-a-kind pieces you can use anywhere in your home, or you might be on a budget and you have no real choice but to create a desk of your own. To be honest, we don’t actually care what your reasons for wanting to create a DIY desk for your home office, we just want to help you come up with some ideas you can consider before you do it. We have a video that’s going to help you come up with some ideas and get a basic idea of what’s expected when you create a DIY desk, but we also have some fun ideas that you can utilize when choosing the kind of desk you will use.

Think Small

We adore a small desk that doesn’t take up much space. You might think that it doesn’t sound like something that will work for you, but we love it. It eliminates issues like clutter. It makes it impossible for you to save too many things and make such a mess, and it is simple and chic.

Go White

If you’re looking for a desk that’s feminine and lovely, we suggest you go with a white one. A soft antique white desk is quite ladylike and lovely, and it’s something you cannot deny is going to make a huge difference in your life.

Don’t be Afraid of Color

We do love a white desk, but we also love color. Particularly when you choose to use color in a distressed manner, such as a lovely mint green or a soft blue. Yellows and lavender desks also make a lovely accent to a bright and beautiful home office.

Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images


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