How to Fold a Shirt in Record Speed


Folding shirts can be difficult, especially if they have some sort of special feature. For example, a button-down shirt is more difficult to fold than a tee shirt. A polo shirt is also more difficult to fold than a tee shirt. Who cares how long it takes to fold a shirt? Most people who have to do laundry, that’s who. Every second you waste folding shirts is a second you aren’t doing anything else productive in your life. In a world where time is always of the essence, it only makes sense that those of us who do our own laundry would like to learn how to fold dress shirts at a record speed. Read on to find out just how to do that on your own.

Hang them up. It’s not actually folding, but dress shirts and button-down shirts are best kept on a hanger. However, if you haven’t any closet space left or you’re visiting somewhere or someone else and closet space isn’t an option (think, your suitcase?), you’re going to have to fold your shirt.

Lay your shirt on a flat surface. Try to pick one that’s clean since you’re not going to want to get your shirt dirty while you’re folding it. Lay your shirt on the surface with the back facing down. You want the collar looking at you.

Take one arm of the shirt and bring it across the chest and down. Do the same with the other arm. Now, pick up the shirt from the shoulders and hold the collar portion up to you. Lay it back down so that the collar is facing down, making sure the arms stay folded. Next, flip the collar side of the shirt up so that it folds the shirt in half and puts the collar backup. You can, if you want, fold the shirt one more time. Just make sure the collar is always facing up so it’s not smashed.

Here is a simple video to help:

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)


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