Five Simple DIY Projects for the Home


Improving the look and feel of your home is something many people attempt on a daily basis. Whether you hire an expensive decorator or you do it yourself doesn’t make a difference. Home improvement projects are often expensive and time-consuming, and that’s just a simple fact about decorating and home ownership. However, not everything has to be expensive. You can take some projects around the house and DIY; do it yourself. Even if you’re not someone who is overly crafty or creative, there are so many tutorials online, so many different videos on the internet that can help you to create one-of-a-kind custom pieces for your home that anyone can do it. We have five very simple DIY projects you can do at home to change the look and feel of things you didn’t even realize you could change. If you’re looking to make some changes around the house, remember that it’s not always the big things that make the most difference. It’s very often the smallest things that make the biggest impact on a home, and you can do some of those projects without ever going over-budget.

DIY Lampshade

A DIY lampshade is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do around the house. This is a project so simple anyone can do it. We have a video that can help you create your own new lampshade. But if that’s not your concept or idea, we can also help you figure out a few other simple ways to revamp an old, ugly lampshade into something gorgeous. Since lampshades are expensive, you can head to your nearest thrift store or garage sale to pick up one that’s inexpensive and ugly. You can then take it home and redecorate it to make it look like something custom-made and expensive. One way to do this is be recovering the shade. Another way to do this is to add decorative accents. Flowers, lace, fabric and patterns are all a great choice that can change the look entirely.

DIY Couch

Who knew you could create a DIY couch of your very own? Well, you can. And we aren’t talking about just recovering your couch with fabric and making it look newer and more stylish. Though you can do that and it’s actually easier than you might think. Even if you think that buying a cover and attaching it is a great way of covering your couch, you can do it for far less money with fabric and a little bit of help from an online tutorial. However, we are discussing making your own couches. From scratch; as in making couches with nothing but materials and tools. You can do it; and places such as Pinterest and YouTube make it very simple. You can make DIY couches to use in the house, in the playroom, in the bonus room, and even for outdoor entertaining areas such as a closed in porch or an exterior porch. It’s simple, inexpensive and actually very satisfying to complete.

DIY Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are some of the most aesthetically pleasing. They look as if they are attached to nothing, hence the term floating. They are not attached to arms, they are not attached to each other and they are not the bits and pieces of a larger bookcase or shelf. They’re wonderful because they can be used anywhere. You can place just one floating shelf above a dresser to put the name of a newborn baby on display. You can put a number of them up on one wall in a living space to set frames and make lovely abstract designs. They’re great for toys and for storage, and they’re wonderful for décor. And they’re not difficult at all to hang up securely. We have a video that is going to help you design and hang your own floating shelves without the need to spend too much money buying what you want to create a look that’s custom and elegant. What we can’t do is tell you what to place on those shelves. You may also consider getting custom garage racks so that you can have additional storage options.

DIY Countertops

There is something that many people do not know; and that’s that you can make your own countertops. It’s one of the most expensive changes to make in a house, and it’s something many people can’t do for a long time because of the price. DIY countertops are actually a lot easier than you might assume. Our video is a demonstration on how to make DIY custom concrete countertops, but there are endless ways you can create your own counters. You can stain them and paint them to look like high-end granite. You can replace them yourself by having materials cut for you. You can do just about anything you want with the right materials and the right instructions. We do have to recommend that you thoroughly research this type of project before you begin, however, as it’s one that is lengthy, time-consuming and somewhat permanent. It can be very expensive to tackle a project like this before  realizing that it’s too much for you and you have to have your counters professionally changed.

DIY Closet Organizer

If there is one thing that men and women both want to make changes to at home, it’s their closet space. There is never enough storage space in a closet to satisfy the woman of the house, and the man of the house always ends up suffering when his wife moves half her belongings into his closet. It’s just a lose-lose all the way around. Fortunately, we have a few suggestions. We have a video that will show you just how you can create your own DIY closet organization system, and we have some suggestions for you that will help you find more space, create a more functional storage system and make it far easier for you to fit what you need and want in your closet. You won’t dread opening the door once we finish telling you how you can make your closets more amazing. One simple solution is to add a second shelf for folded items such as jeans and sweaters, scarves and shoes. You can add hanging shelves for shoes or other folded items, and you can even create custom pieces with just a few simple steps.

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