Five Items That Should be on Your Party Planning Checklist


When it comes to throwing a killer party, you must have a checklist. This list should include the most important aspects of the party as well as the minor details. You don’t want anything to escape your notice and cause your party to be less than amazing. The next time you’re hosting a big soiree, make sure to include these five items on your party planning checklist.

Guest List

You might think it’s okay to skip the guest list and just invite people to an event by word of mouth, but it can make things a little complicated for you. If you don’t know how many people are attending, how do you know how much food to have or how much space you need? Make a guest list and update it regularly when people send in their RSVPs. It can be an informal list such as an evite or even a Facebook event invitation as long as you actually have a guest list.


You have to put rentals on your party planning checklist. You’ll need to know how many tables, chairs, linens and decorations to rent before your big event. This helps you to remember when to call, who you booked through and when your items will arrive. Another thing you can get to level up your party is a photo booth rental


You can do several things as far as music is concerned, but you must put it on your checklist. You can play music on your iPod, but you’ll want to create a playlist first. Otherwise you might have music inappropriate for the event playing and ruining the mood – (your kids might love the Bubble Guppies theme song you downloaded them for the car, but your guests won’t). You can hire a band or you can hire a DJ, but the music has to go on the checklist because it’s a party maker or breaker.


If there is one thing more important at a party than the music, it’s the food. You need to have a list of what you’re serving, where you’re ordering it from, who is providing full service catering, what you’re having in terms of dishware and serving utensils and how much of each you’re going to have. You don’t want to end up sitting at home the day of the even wondering what to serve your guests. Hire a party catering service for delicious entrees and professional services that will make your event an affair to remember.


Whether you’re allowing alcohol or not, you still need to put beverages on your party planning check list. You need to know how many people will be drinking and how much of each item to have on hand. A good rule of thumb is to have a little bit of everything, including water, for your guests. You never know who  likes what, who has allergies or who is on a diet.

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