Have You Ever Wondered How to Fix a Smelly Washing Machine Yourself?

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Just think about it; you put your dirty clothes in it and you have for years. From dirty, smelly gym socks to sports uniforms covered in mud, sweat and dirt to children’s undergarments that have seen more than the inside of that children’s potty in the kid’s bathroom, your washing machine has seen it all. And for that reason, it smells. Perhaps you wonder why it smells. It’s supposed to clean your clothes, after all. But you can only put so many dirty items in that thing for so many years before you realize that it’s bound to take on a slightly unpleasant odor. And think about how often you leave clothes in there after they’ve been washed; they just sit there all wet and beginning to smell like wet clothes. Yeah, it’s your fault your washing machine smells like something died – but it’s also a simple fix. You will thank us after you try this simple way to make your washing machine smell much more desirable.

Wash the Machine

The first step to making your machine smell better is to wash it. There is special soap you can use to clean out the build up that occurs after so many washes. Use this twice a year and you will notice that your washing machine smells much better for much longer.

Open the Lid

When you allow the washing machine to completely dry out, you minimize the risk of odor. This is simple if you just leave the lid open. It sounds easy because it is easy. Every time you empty out the washing machine, make it a point to leave the lid open to allow the moisture to evaporate so that the smell is no more.

Check Your Water Temp

If you use hot water in the washing machine, make sure it’s really hot. Did you know that anything set below 140 degrees is more likely to cause bacteria to build up in your washing machine? This means you need to check your water heater to ensure that the setting is actually at or above 140 so that you can make sure you are not allowing the bacteria to culminate. If these methods still don’t work, it may be time to call in a washer and dryer repair technician to have your washing machine checked.

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