Ever Wish You Could Make Distilled Water on Your Own?


Bottled water is simple to grab and take with you on the run, but it’s so bad for so many reasons. Sure, it’s water, which makes it healthy and amazing for you. However, it’s expensive. It’s more expensive than gas when you consider ounces. It’s also bad for the environment. For this reason, it’s far better for you simply to make your own distilled water at home. Our simple instructions will save you money – and your impact on the environment in which you live.

The first step to making your own distilled water is simply to obtain a four or five gallon stainless steel container. You will want to fill it halfway with water and place a glass bowl into the water. It is imperative that the bowl not touch the bottom of the pot. You will then place a lid upside down on top of your container and place ice in it.

Turn on the stove to medium heat and let the water boil. This process is simple and effective because the hot steam from the cold ice is going to cause the steam to distill the water. The steam from the water in the pot will touch the lid and eventually fall into the bowl inside your container.

Once you’ve allowed the water to boil for approximately half an hour, take the lid off the pot. Be sure to use a pot holder to do this as the lid will be exceptionally hot. Then reach in – still wearing your pot holders – and remove the bowl of water. Allow the water to cool and pour it into a reusable water bottle. Anytime you need distilled water, simply follow this process.

It’s not difficult to make distilled water at home, but it is a process that will take a bit of time. Prepare your water in advance if you plan on entertaining or see a need for several bottles at one time.

These simple instructions allow you to easily make distilled water, but here’s a video that can also help you distill water at home:

(Photo Illustration by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)


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