Do It Yourself Rustic Wall Art

I love, love, LOVE any kind of rustic home décor. I love that it brings such a unique character to any room. I love that most times you can find items for a few bucks at a yard sale or make them for almost free. I love that every single one of my friends won’t have the same coffee table as me. Did I mention that I LOVE rustic home décor?  Anyway, here’s how to do it yourself with wall art….

I really needed something unique to put on my mantle and I just couldn’t find anything that was right. I wanted something that looked old and rustic yet new and fresh at the same time. NOT an easy thing to find. I wanted something that had some sort of meaning to my family and I. Eventually I just figured out that I probably wasn’t going to find anything so I just made something myself.

I took three pieces of wood that I took off of a wood palate and secured them together on the back using two smaller pieces of wood cut to the correct length and a few screws. Then I flipped it over and painted some lyrics from the song my husband and I danced to for the first time at our wedding in the brightest white acrylic paint I could find. Once finished I stepped back to look at what I had just made and thought, “YES!” There it was. The exact piece of “art” I had been looking for and it took me about 20 minutes to make.

Let me just tell you, I am not an artist. I can’t sit down and paint something that would allow my husband and I to retire. What I AM however ,is creative. Once I stopped thinking about how something SHOULD look and decided to make it how I wanted it to look it was actually very simple. The total cost for that project was about $3. All I needed to pay for was a bottle of white acrylic paint. All of the wood I use for my crafts is free that I get from old wood pallets. I especially love it because it’s usually weathered and old-looking wood so I don’t need to go through the process of distressing it.

The next time you are out pay attention to things that are lying around outside. You know that saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Take that and run with it!

Another fun DIY project you can make for FREE with wood pallets is this shabby sheek headboard!

Happy Crafting!


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