Do It Yourself Headboard: Shabby, Chic, and FREE.

You know those way to expensive headboards in those trendy stores that look old and rustic and cost a small fortune? Yup, those ones. Do you try as hard as I do to justify spending more than an entire month’s rent to buy said headboard? If you do then read on because I will show you how to make a shabby sheek headboard that you won’t have live in your car to afford. (Which is a good thing since I doubt your car has room for a fabulous headboard).  So let’s Do It Yourself!

All you really need is a couple of old wood pallets and your creativity. You can find old wood pallets behind most businesses, alongside the road, put out an APB on facebook….whatever you need to do. I would start with two but load up as many as you can because I’m sure you will be able to find many other great uses for them. If you do find them behind a business just make sure you ask if you can have them first. Some businesses reuse them and I’m sure they wouldn’t be to happy to find them missing.

Once you’ve gotten ahold of a couple pallets, it’s time to get started on your new headboard. You can simply wash off the pallets, stand them next to each other, lean them against the wall, and VOILA. New headboard. Or, you can let your imagination run and the possibilities are endless. Paint them, sand them, put them on wheels, anything. Obviously the more you add to it the less “free” it will become but it’s still going to cost you WAY less then going out and purchasing one.

For the one I made, I removed every other piece of wood from the front and back and made it so that I can place books and other items on it. I took the pieces of wood that I removed and screwed them onto the front and back so that it would have “legs” and stand higher. The one pictured above is on wheels.

Once your new headboard is finished, you’ll be left with a shabby sheek headboard that you’re friends will envy and you won’t have to trade you apartment to be able to afford it. Head over to Do More with Your Money  for other examples of pallet headboards and maybe a bit of inspiration for your own future headboard.

Happy Crafting!


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