Why DIY Wedding Favors are the Best


The real question now that wedding season is upon us is whether or not DIY wedding favors are tacky or totally acceptable. The answer, unfortunately, is going to vary from person to person. Some consider them absolutely adorable and fun and others are horrified at the thought of making something to give to their wedding guests (their thought is that we are not children). Regardless whether or not you are into or not into DIY favors, they can be great for some brides. If you’re not one of those brides, this might not apply to you. However, we have a few great reasons that DIY favors make an excellent addition to your wedding whether it’s a formal event in a grand ballroom or something a little more casual and relaxed on the beach. Read on to find out why guests love DIY favors from the newlyweds.

DIY is Better

Most wedding guests don’t care one way or the other if they get a favor. Why? Because most of the time it’s something small and kitschy that they’re just going to throw away or shove in a drawer. DIY gifts, however, are more personal, more creative and worth saving.

DIY Saves Money

Your wedding guests know that you are putting out a lot of money to get married, and they’re not going to be upset if you decide to save a few dollars here and there. DIY favors mean you have more to spend on a great DJ and food, and that’s far more important to your guests than a bottle of bubbles.

DIY is Trending

If you have a Pinterest or Instagram account, you know that DIY is the thing to do right now. Your guests are going to love to see what you came up with so that they can either try to outdo you at their own wedding or look to you for inspiration at their next event.

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