A Few DIY Valentine’s Ideas for your Kids

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, and that means it’s time to let the kids get creative and make their own classmates and friends, teachers and parents little gifts or tokens of their love and affection. We love the concept of making kids do this themselves since the alternative comes in the form of us (parents) scrambling at the last minute to figure out what to make and what to do for the kids’ classmates at the last minute. It’s a rush to the store to fight holiday traffic, buy generic candy and make the oath that we absolutely will do better next time. We never do, of course, and we are in the same boat year after year. It’s not a big deal holiday in the same way as Christmas or Thanksgiving, so let’s let the kids make their own DIY valentines for their favorite people and friends. It’s much simpler and we have a few cute ideas you can try.

Bake Cookies

Who doesn’t love a good cookie made by a cute kid and filled with slobber and probably boogers? We kid, of course (or not, I don’t know your kids). Kids are very sweet and creative, so let them decorate their own heart shaped sugar cookies with pink and red frosting, sprinkles and anything else they see fit so that they can present them to their daddy or mommy or grandparents on the holiday.

Make Cards

Handmade cards are always so much sweeter than the ones we make on our own. This is why we think you should let the kids get out the glitter, glue and markers so they can get busy making their own cards for the people they want to share their love for on this sweet holiday. Get as creative as you want, or remain as simple as you want. You are the one in control.

Make Candy Bags

A candy bag filled with pre-wrapped candy and sealed with a sweet little printed note is always a cute Valentine’s Day idea for teachers and classmates, and you can make all you want if the kids do the assembly. Try making a little folding card that reads “Sealed with a kiss” or something to that effect and have the kids attach them to small bags filled with Hershey kisses for effect. It’s cute, simple and very sweet.

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