DIY: Tool Library Offers Alternative to Pricey Tools

There are many times when the limiting factor in home renovation or DIY projects is the lack of proper tools. For most of us, it’s difficult to justify the cost of purchasing a jigsaw or belt sander for one small project knowing that once completed,  the tool will likely sit in the garage collecting dust for the next several years. Some turn to Craigslist or Ebay to purchase used tools in an effort to reduce the budget impact. But there is a better price in many areas, FREE.

How can you possibly get power tools for free? Just check them out at the Tool Library. According to Wikipedia, the first tool lending library was founded in 1976 in Columbus, Ohio and now 20 states offer this service. The typical tool lending library offers basic hand and power tools, along with a selection of garden, landscaping and construction tools.

The basic requirements to borrow are usually:

You must be 18 years old
Present a valid photo id, and
Sign a liability waiver

Donations are greatly appreciated upon membership to the library but not a requirement of lending. Just like the typical library, remember to return your items on time as you will be charged late fees if you don’t.

The volunteers will provide some guidance in operating the tool but once you have checked it out you are responsible for it. And please, remember the golden rule, you wouldn’t want to check out a greasy, dirty tool and have to clean it before use, so don’t return them that way.

Now you have no excuse for tackling the small DIY projects around your house or getting creative and starting on your new Pinterest project. Channel your inner Tim the Toolman Taylor and get busy.


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