DIY Room Decor Ideas for Under $50


Even the chicest and most elegant rooms could use a bit of an update every now and again. With the passing of time comes a change in style. Tastes changes, preferences change and kids get a little older and more mature so you can finally have the furniture and décor you always wanted but were terrified they’d destroy. It would be so simple to change the look of an  entire room with an unlimited budget (I could spend that in a second) but many homeowners mistakenly believe that it’s a bit more of a challenge when their budget is small. Let’s say that you have a budget of only $50 to completely renovate an entire room in your home – any room. Seems impossible, does it not? We beg to differ. We feel that it’s often the smallest changes and the most minute details that have the biggest impact and create the most transformation, so let us share with you 5 amazing decorating ideas that will cost less than $50 so that you can update the room of your (almost) dreams.

Fresh Flowers

You can make a huge difference in any room with the addition of fresh flowers. Be it a lovely low-lying bouquet on a mantle or a beautiful bouquet on a table, you can change the face of a room. Just go to the florist and have a bouquet created, or do what I love most. Head straight to the flower shop and pick up single flowers. We love tulips and peonies. I cut the stems low and place them in either a crystal vase in my home office or a fun colorful mason jar in my living room. You choose the holder and the flowers, but make it your own.

Group Decorative Baskets

If you have not been to Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx or Home Goods recently, it’s time to make a trip. It’s here you’ll find gorgeous woven baskets with fun cloth inserts for around $10. We love them in a living room to place on shelves to hold toys or other items you need readily available but not necessarily noticeable. Did we mention this chic clutter-removal system makes clean-up a breeze?

A Coat of Paint

How easy it is to change the entire look of a room with a coat of paint. Do you have a light grey dining room? Buy a few long pieces of wide trim for a few dollars each (white, please) and a gallon of dark grey paint and accessories. For around $50 you can cut and nail the trim at chair rail height and paint the wall below a darker version of the top color to add contrast, elegance and sophistication.

Decorative Lamps

If your lampshades are quite boring, as so many of them are, go ahead and purchase some great decorative flowers (the kind of flat fabric type) and pin or hot glue them in decorate patterns across the shade to make it more elegant. You can find tutorials that will take only a minute to learn online to help with this.

Buy Throw Pillows

Sometimes it’s the simplest change that has the most impact. Some colorful, bright, fun throw pillows on the couch can make a huge difference in the way any room looks, and we recommend that you buy some of these – along with removable covers for other seasons.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images


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