Why DIY Candles Make Great Holiday Gifts

DIY Candles

There are three types of people in the world; people who love and excel at DIY projects, people who wish they were good at DIY projects and people who would rather just spend their money on already made products and save some time bothering. I, personally, fall into the latter category, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the appeal of DIY projects, especially during the holidays (but with four kids and their little lives to think about, there’s no time for me).  One of the most creative DIY holiday gifts is a candle.

People love candles because they’re long-lasting, they are thoughtful and they are simple to make if you have the time and the energy to do so. Before you head off to Yankee Candle to buy some and call it a day, consider a few really good reasons why making your own DIY candles is a much better idea when it comes to giving gifts around the holidays.

It’s Thoughtful

Imagine unwrapping a gift on Christmas and inside finding a lovely candle that was not only made by someone else, but also decorated by someone else. They chose this scent especially for you. They chose the décor for you, and they spent some serious time making this gift just for you. Now consider opening one that someone picked up for you at the nearest store. Sure, it’s nice that someone shopped for you, but it’s much nicer that someone thought of you and actually worked hard for you. Now how would it feel to return to favor to someone else?

It’s Inspiring

Your own DIY projects can inspire you. They can inspire you to let out your inner creativity, to save money and even to be a little bit of a more thoughtful person. There is no downfall to any of that. Inspiring yourself is a wonderful reason to try something new, and the feeling of accomplishment and success you’ll feel after making your own DIY candle is second to none.

It’s Frugal

You can make many candles with a few ingredients, and you can save a bundle. You might spend around $20 a candle to buy professionally made candles with beautiful scents, but you can make them for pennies in bulk, saving a ton of money and still having wonderful gifts to share during the holidays.

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