Cute Ideas for DIY Framed Art Projects


We love DIY projects around the house, especially when they involve art that you can use to decorate rooms all over the place. From your home office to your hall to your kid’s rooms, there is no limit to the amount of creativity you can use when creating DIY framed art. In fact, we love the concept even more because it makes for great gifts. I say this from experience after being presented recently with a beautiful piece of DIY framed art from my aunt, mom and mother-in-law who conspired to create a beautiful Valentine’s gift for my husband and I using the footprints of our four beautiful children, and the result was beautiful. DIY gifts are so sweet, so thoughtful and they require some serious thought and action. And that’s why we love framed art even more when it’s of the DIY variety. That said, we have a few cute ideas for DIY framed art for you to use around the house or to give as gifts.

Printable Art

We love that you can get online and find cute sayings, quotes and bible verses that are free of charge. You can find them online by performing a quick internet search, and you can print them off and frame them to hang anywhere you want.


Find a favorite photo and have it printed. Then find a frame that’s lovely and perfect, and put that photo into the frame. The make it more artful, go ahead and decorate the frame or paint it so that it matches what you’re doing as far as décor theme in any particular room of your home.

Painted Art

If you have kids, there are a thousand different ideas you can use on Pinterest to create DIY framed art. You just need some paper, some paint for hands and feet and some kids to use. You can give these as gifts, decorate your home with them or just put them up in your office to remind you how much you love your little family.

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