We Have a Creative DIY Planner to Help You Get Organized Now

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Organization starts at home. If you are not organized at home, you’re not going to be organized anywhere in your life. You’re not going to be able to see organization in any place in your life, and you’re going to regret that the moment you’re late for something, you miss something or you can’t find something. We are huge fans of organization because it’s something that can make all aspects of your life feel more enjoyable. When you’re organized, you’re less stressed. You are less overwhelmed and you are less frustrated. It’s much easier to relax and live a happy life when you are not stressed, and we can help you with that by creating a DIY planner that can help you with your organization skills. We aren’t talking about a book planner; we are talking about one visible to the entire family, and we love this kind of planner.

All you need is 12 sheets of large poster board, a ruler and some markers. You are going to create very large monthly calendars for the entire year on each sheet. Now what you will do is take different color post-its in small sizes and assign everyone in the family a color. For example, you could be yellow, your husband blue, your son green and your daughter pink. It’s a good idea to put a little chart on the planner for you.

You’re going to want to place your planner somewhere visible to everyone, such as the mudroom. We like it on the wall because it helps a lot. When something is scheduled or needs reminding, you write it down on the post-it that corresponds with the person involved with the activity and you stick to the date necessary. When people in your family walk by every day, they will see their color and know to stop and look for what’s important.

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