How to Create Your Own DIY Canopy Bed


The concept of a canopy bed is romantic and whimsical. It could work for a master suite that’s designed for romance and elegance, and it can work in a child’s room that’s designed to make kids feel that they are in their own magical oasis. The issue, however, is that a new bed in general is a big expense. And a canopy bed is actually more expensive in most cases than a regular bed. So what are you to do when you want to create a canopy bed for your bedroom or the room of a child in your house? We have a very simple suggestion that will help you create a very simple DIY canopy bed that looks elegant and professional, and that adds an entirely new dimension to your home. Follow our instructions and you can create a bed that looks and feels a lot more expensive than it really is.

What You Need

Light Fabric

Two Curtain Rods

How to do It

What you’re going to want to do is install two curtain rods on opposite sides of your bed, attached to the ceiling. This is the same process you would use to attach your rods to the wall, but you will just flip it upside down to make it attach to the ceiling. Then you will go ahead and you will put your canopy up. The rods should be just a few inches wider than your bed and placed about halfway down the length of your bed.

Next, you will take your very large piece of fabric, loop it around the rods so that it’s draped in the center and so that it reaches almost to the floor on each side. This is a simple canopy that will make a big impact, and it looks very elegant. Just be sure not to go with cheap curtain rods and the effect will be amazing.

Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images


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