How to Create an Awesome Activity Box For Your Kids


The best part about being a parent is that you get to let your creativity shine in a way you never thought possible; and in every aspect of your life. You get to be the creative mom who figures out how to get ready for a black-tie formal affair with four kids running around the house. You get to be the mom who gets to figure out how to get two infant twins and all their ‘stuff’ up and down the stairs to and from the nursery a half dozen times a day without dropping bottles, pacifiers, blankets or socks – all in one trip. You get to be the person who figures out how to keep the kids entertained for 2-and-a-half solid weeks while working full time from home because they’re out of school and bored in less than 60 seconds flat. Activity boxes make wonderful activities for kids of all ages, whether they are younger or older. This is a box they don’t get to play with just anytime they want. This is a special box that comes out at a special time, and we have some tips for how you can create your own amazing activity box.

Consider Ages

If your kids are only children or they are close in age, you might be able to get all kinds of things in this box that interest them. If not, you might consider a couple of activity boxes that are a bit more age-appropriate so as not to leave anyone out of the fun.

Let the Kids Get Involved

Creating the perfect activity box means allowing the kids to get involved. This means letting them decorate the box, add their favorite things to the box and brainstorm ideas they’d like to see incorporated into the box for their own entertainment. Involving them is 1 – a project for you to do together and 2 – a great way to make them excited about this.

Choose Fun Items

Colored popsicle sticks, colored cotton balls, fun decorate balls, fake money, scrabble tiles, foam sticks, dominoes, cards, coloring accessories, straws, beads and just about anything else you can think of will go in this box. Your kids get to play with one thing at a time when they’re in here, and after that they have to clean up before they can move on to another activity. It’s a great concept.

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