A Couple of Good Reasons to Make Pinterest DIY Crafts


We all love Pinterest. We wake up in the morning and sit down with a cup of coffee and Pinterest open in our phones and we pin, pin, pin. We pin crafts and ideas, outfits and vacation destinations. We pin everything that we can possibly pin so that we can enjoy our lives to the absolute fullest, and that’s just how we make ourselves feel good. And then we don’t do anything we pinned and said we were going to do. Halloween comes and goes without that amazing scary wreath we swore up and down was going to happen. Christmas passes without the adorable family photos we wanted to take ever occurring, and we just don’t do anything we say we are going to do because we are too busy pinning other things we are never going to do. Pinterest is filled with DIY crafts, and we need to get on it by making a few. If you can’t find the motivation, let us help you find a reason to get your craft on.

Have a Party

A Pinterest DIY craft party is the perfect excuse to get your girlfriends together with some empty wine bottles (you can do that at the party) and a hot glue gun and sparkles. We don’t know off the top of our heads what you can make with these, but we know you can find a project on Pinterest. It’s a perfect excuse to make some crafts.

Promise a Gift

If you really want to get your inner craft on, promise someone a gift. Now you have to make it because they are expecting that you’re going to make it. And now you are responsible and accountable for something that has to be done. It’s a good motivational way to get crafty.

Do Something from the Kids

Some of the cutest crafts online are made with the help of some paint and either the feet or hands of a child. Get your kids and some paint and make a few of these to hang up at home for your own personal enjoyment and your own peace of mind.

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