10 DIY Baby Gifts that Cost Less than $5

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Finding gifts for babies is not really a big challenge, even if your budget is not that large. In fact, you can find gifts for under $5 that will make the day of a new mom or dad or parent-to-be, and that’s just part of the reason so many of us love the idea of a new baby. We love babies because they are beautiful, of course, but also because they are so easy to shop for. In fact, it’s easy to get a bit carried away when shopping for a new little one, and that’s because all things become instantly adorable when made very, very little. The smaller, the better is what we parents like to think (except when it comes to giving birth to healthy babies that have no health problems). What we have is a long list of adorable DIY gifts you can make for a new baby that all cost less than $5, which is really just icing on the cake. And just so you know, not all DIY gifts appropriate for a new baby are actually for the baby; sometimes the parents need the gift more so than the baby.

Taggie Blanket

If you know how to sew, you can make a taggie blanket for a new baby. This is a blanket that is made very small and has lots of different ribbons sewn along the outside. Babies love different textures because the new feelings are very exciting for them. They love to chew on them, suck on them and play with them from a very young age until they are much older. Some toddlers still love theirs.

Personalized Photo Frame

This is a simple gift. You need only buy a cheap frame, paint it and then add something personal to it, such as the name of the baby or the birth date and other stats. You can also add a photo of the baby, a sweet poem or note or a photo of the mother when she was carrying the baby. It makes a lovely nursery gift for a new one.

Personalized Onesies

This is a fun gift that you can have a lot of fun making. White onesies cost about a dollar and you can buy fabric paint for about the same amount. We love the idea of making these onesies as a gift for new babies because parents will just love them. They will love the idea of seeing your cleverly made and personalized messages on their baby’s shirt, and you can be as hilarious as you want with a gift like this.

Pacifier Clip

Again, if you can sew, you can do this. You can take two pieces of fabric and sew them together to create a pacifier clip. If you have the clip on hand, it’s even less expensive. Otherwise, you just buy one and add it to the clip so that your baby’s pacis never fall too far when they’re shoved out of his or her little mouth.

Perzonalized Bottles

It’s something that parents will think is fun, and we think so, too. Buy some cheap bottles and add some décor of your own. We love this idea because it’s perfect for a baby shower game. Let people decorate them with stickers and nontoxic paint and get as creative as they want. We can’t promise parents will use these bottles to feed their babies, but we can promise you they will love them.

Personalized Bibs

I have my mother-in-law make these for me all the time. I buy colorful bibs and cloth diapers (we use the old-fashioned white cloth diapers as over-the-shoulder burp cloths, to be honest. We’re disposable diaper people all the way.) and have her embroider cute sayings, the baby’s name and other personal information on these for me. It’s something I get done for just a few dollars since she doesn’t charge me, but many people can do this on their own and need not worry about added costs.

Keepsake Box

This is something that’s more for the parents than the baby, but a deep photo frame that you can purchase for just a few dollars a thrift shop is going to make a wonderful box. All you do is make a background for the box with the name of the baby, his or her birth stats, and put in the box. Then the parents add the baby’s first outfit, hospital blanket and other little details to the box when they are ready. It’s a very sweet gift.

Hair Bow Holder

If you know a little girl being born, go ahead and do this. You will need a large photo frame and some pretty fabric. Cover the interior of the frame with the fabric and then add long strips of ribbon. We say two or three at least to the length of the fabric and affix it tightly. Put everything back in the frame except for the glass – you won’t need this anymore. Now the new parents can clip their new baby’s hair bows onto the ribbon for easy storage and access any time.

Personalized Wall Art

Get online. Google bible verses, sayings and phrases that mean something wonderful to you and then add the phrase “printable” to the search. You’re going to find so many results you can’t even stand it. Now print them, put them in a frame and give them to the parents. My favorite cost me $3 for a cheap wooden frame that I painted white. I printed out a verse from the bible and added my own baby’s names to them on their baptism day so that they could have them forever, and people love to comment on them when they see them in the twins’ nursery.

Washcloth Bouquet

All you need is cheap bottle, some little baby wash cloths and a ribbon. Roll up the wash cloths and stick them in the top of the bottle so that they look like a bouquet of flowers. Tie a little ribbon around them and then hand them off as a sweet gift. You can never have too many bottles or wash cloths for babies.

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