Share Your Most Recent Splurge and Win an Amazon Gift Card

Louis Vuitton

Do you love Amazon? If you are a frugal person with a love of free, quick shipping and access to just about anything you ever wanted, you do. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal, either. It’s a nice idea for everyone who takes advantage of it, since it does allow you to get the same great stuff, but at a much better deal. We love it, and we think you will, too, if you only give it a chance. Why are we speaking of frugal people in conjunction with Amazon? For good reason. We stumbled across a promotion that is targeting frugal people and their desire to win a gift card to Amazon for simply letting the world in on what it is you last splurged on during a shopping trip or purchase.

The point is that frugal people are not big fans of spending a lot of money or paying full price for anything. When you do pay full price for something, it must be something pretty good, right? By visiting’s Facebook page and entering what it is you last splurged on, you could win one of three $20 Amazon gift cards. The rules are simple; you have from now until March 7 to post your answer and be entered to win the drawing. The link we provided above is one way to enter by simply telling the world about your most recent splurge in the comment section. You can get a second entry on Facebook and another by tweeting your latest splurge.

So, what was your latest splurge? We’d love to know. Mine was the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM handbag I’ve been eyeing for a while and my husband finally talked me into buying since I work hard and we both felt I deserved to spend a little money on myself since I do so much for him and the kids most of the time. I love quality accessories, so it was a perfect splurge for me.

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