How To Save $150 on British Airways Premium Economy Flights

British Airways flight savings

The holidays are coming up, and that often means finding time to spend traveling. While there is not a thing wrong with that, this time of year is usually spent traveling places you might not necessarily want to go to see your family and your friends when they choose to congregate somewhere other than your favorite destination (I feel this way every summer when my entire family goes to the most remote area of Texas to visit my grandmother when I live in Florida and the rest of the family lives in California – really? Texas?). What that means is that you are probably looking for a way to save money when you book tickets, especially when those tickets are for international flights from the US to, let’s say London. Though, who doesn’t want to visit London?

We can’t change the fact that a trip somewhere you don’t want to go instead of a trip to Hawaii is on your calendar, but we can save you a little bit of money if you travel with British Airways. The airline is offering a significant discount right now that’s going to save you a bundle on your holiday travels.

British Airways typically offers passengers a chance to book a roundtrip Transatlantic flight for $130 off the regular price when you book a premium economy seat through the AARP program, but the popular airline has sweetened the deal just in time for the holidays. Right now, you can save $150 on a transatlantic flight; it might be only a $20 savings, but if you’re a family of four looking to buy tickets across the world, you’re looking at an $80 savings. That’s nothing to laugh at in terms of financial savings. Anyone looking to take advantage of this deal must book a trip that is completed by June 30, 2016 – making it a very limited time offer for British Airways passengers.

It’s a good deal; and it requires that you use the coupon code BA4BUSINESS when you check out. Let’s note, though, that most transatlantic flights are expensive, so you might save more than this if you use the CARDOFFERU discount code when you check out. It’s worth 10%, but if you spend $1800 per ticket and you buy 4 tickets, you’re looking at a savings of $720. Try both to see which one will save you more on your British Airways purchase so you are positive you are getting the lowest possible price. No – these codes do not work together. The $150 savings discount can be applied to 8 tickets together, and it’s only good on flights that originate in the USA. The 10% off code is only good with a Visa card, but that’s not usually  much of a problem for most cardholders.

Even if you choose not to take advantage of this deal, however, there are a number of other reasons to consider British Airways for your international travel needs, including the fact that the airline offers one of the most comprehensive travel rewards on the market. All travelers that apply for and receive the British Airways credit card will find that they earn not only a lot of bonus miles after spending a certain amount of money during the first 3 months their account is open, but they will earn more bonus miles every time they spend $10,000 throughout the year. Additionally, all cardholders able to spend $30,000 per year with this card are going to receive two free first class tickets anywhere in the world – anywhere.

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