Round Trip Flights From NYC and Other Cities to Puerto Rico From $218

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The holidays are a killer when it comes to our level of stress. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yet many of us find ourselves more stressed, more overwhelmed and more exhausted than ever. Perhaps it’s all the holiday parties, the excessive increase in wine consumption or the fact that we are suddenly surrounded by family we try so hard not to see the rest of the year that overwhelms us all just a bit. Maybe it’s endlessly searching for the perfect gifts for those we love the most, cooking so many holiday dishes and spending every waking moment taking our kids to some holiday festival or another that we are certain they won’t even remember in a few years because “this is the only time we can do it,” and we clearly have not learned to say no.

Whatever it is, I need a vacation already and it’s still a month away from the actual day of Christmas. That’s why I’m looking into a vacation for my husband and I to enjoy (sans kiddos) once the holidays are over. Since we live in Florida, we aren’t huge fans of the Caribbean (I know it sounds snotty, but all the Caribbean Islands remind us so much of home) so we aren’t going there; but that doesn’t mean I can’t share with my favorite readers a chance to book your own Caribbean vacation during the holidays for next to nothing.

How about a trip to Puerto Rico for only $218? That sounds more than doable, so let me just share with you the details so that you, too, can enjoy a little time off and a little relaxation in the coming weeks. Most of these flight deals are only good in the early part of December, so you’re looking at booking and packing in the next few days – like that’s a problem for the super stressed, right? However, there are a few of these flights that might make it into the earlier part of the year if you are lucky.

What’s the Deal?

The deal is that airlines such as Delta, Jet Blue, American and United are leaving from New York area airports on their way to San Juan, and they want you to come with them so they are offering low prices on tickets – as low as $218 per person for a round-trip ticket. I don’t know what your weather is like in NYC right now (but I was there a month ago and it was very cold for my warm Florida heart) but I imagine it’s much cooler than it is here. It’s in the 80s in my central Florida home today, so it’s going to be a lot warmer in Puerto Rico.

Sadly, this is not a deal that is good from any other city as far as we can tell. However, there are some cities that are offering much lower than usual flights, such as Boston and Philly – however, they’re not quite as inexpensive as they are from New York area airports. Either way, discounted fares to the Caribbean sound like a dream come true. And it’s a great season for hotels, too, since they’re priced quite low this time of year. It’s an all-around great time to save in any sense of the word, so you’re going to have a great trip the Caribbean in the next few weeks.

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