Papa John’s Offering Big Pizza Deals This Weekend

Papa John's

Do you love pizza? That’s a loaded question, right? I like pizza, but I don’t love pizza. I wouldn’t choose to eat it over anything else, and I don’t have to have it. It’s nice to have when we are busy and have no time to cook or when we have an impromptu dinner party after a day on the boat or something. However, I don’t die over pizza. If I had to, though, I’d choose Papa John’s. In fact, I always order from them if we do pizza at home simply because I do die a little over their garlic knots. They’re good; so bad for me, but so good for my soul.

I digress, however; we’re talking Papa John’s pizza deals. Because we do order from them, I’ve learned that all you have to do is enter the phrase, “Papa John’s coupon codes,” into Google to get at least a half dozen active coupons that dramatically reduce the price of their pizza, but few deals are as good as the one going down this weekend – and this weekend only (for now). If you call or order online or go into the store and ask for a large pizza at regular price, you can have a second large pizza for $.50 provided you have only one topping on it.

The deal is good through January 31, so you have all weekend to enjoy pizza at your leisure. The good news is that you don’t need any coupon codes to get the deal, so order away. And may we recommend that you also get the big Chocolate Chip Cookie? When it’s warm and gooey, it’s pretty good. Definitely the best dessert on the menu if you are looking for a little guilty indulgence – just try not to feel too bad about it after you over-indulge.

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