Nordstrom Offers 3 Free Samples With Any Beauty Purchase


If there is one place that I place an order from at least once a week, it’s Sephora. The beauty store carries every brand of makeup I use daily, love most and cannot live without. Since I’m vain enough to get up every single morning long before my kids so I can shower and do my hair and makeup, I use it up quickly. I’m honest enough to admit that a full face of makeup is on every single day, whether I’m leaving the house or not (it’s how I’m comfortable; if I’m not comfortable, I’m not able to function as well as I might otherwise).

One thing I love most about Sephora is the samples. While I love my favorite makeup brands and colors – and never deviate – I am not so picky about perfume. I love to wear different fragrances regularly, and I only have one or two favorites I actually buy full-size bottles of; the rest I order free samples with my Sephora purchase. You see, you get three free samples when you order anything from Sephora, and I love to choose the fragrances. Other people might choose other items, but I am a sucker for the fragrances (because, for one, they’re so easy to take with me when I travel and never have to worry about a bottle of my favorite breaking when it’s being thrown into and out of planes and on luggage carousels).

Now I’m happy to announce that Nordstrom does the same! Every so often I will order my favorite Bobbi Brown lipstick from Nordstrom when I order something else. Last week when I ordered my twins’ new Sperry deck shoes, I grabbed a lipstick and ended up with three free samples of perfume that I actually adore. For anyone who is a diehard Sephora fan but also purchases from Nordstrom regularly, you might not know about this. Save yourself the order and the additional shipping ordering from both locations (Nordstrom is free shipping all the time and Sephora with orders over $50).

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