JCPenney $.01 Sale is Happening This Week


When it comes to high-end clothing and apparel, JCPenney is not the place to shop. However, if you prefer a much more casual, more seasonal look with a very affordable price tag, it is the place to shop. This week, the famed department store is making the deals even sweeter for those who love to shop here, offering a sale that seems almost impossible to comprehend. Buy one item for full price and pay only one cent for the second item of the same value. It’s not the first time the department store has used this sale to lure customers into the store for big time sales, and it very likely will not be the last.

The sale began on February 28 and it lasts a full week. JCPenney is calling the sale Penney Days, and it’s one you don’t want to miss. The sale is simple to understand, but it does not work with every single item in the store. The penny sale is limited to only the Arizona brand, which is great for kids and teens who go through clothes pretty quickly. What makes this deal even sweeter, too, is the fact that you can utilized it both in-store and online, making it easy for anyone to shop from anywhere, any time.

To find out what items are on sale, just visit your local JCPenney store or head online to figure it out now that the sale has begun. To break it down a bit further for you, you’re basically getting everything on sale for 50% off the regular price. Instead of paying $20 for one pair of jeans and a penny for the second pair, think that you just purchased each pair for a paltry $10. Now it sounds like the type of sale you can get onboard with, right?

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