If You Buy an Apple Watch You Can Get a Target Gift Card

Apple Watch at Target

The Apple iWatch is one of the big deal items this year on many Christmas lists, whether you have teenagers in the house looking for yet another way to smuggle their text messages into class, or an adult who simply loves technology. My husband has been eyeing the Apple watch lately, but he will not buy it for himself this close to Christmas. Unlike myself, he likes to forgo shopping for himself until after the holidays because he feels that buying things for himself ‘ruins the spirit of the holidays,’ and makes my shopping more difficult.

I did not get that memo at all in the past 14 years; so apparently his shopping is difficult this time of year since things he has on his list for me may or may not show up on our doorstep at any given point of the month (well, with all the shopping I’m doing for others, I might as well buy myself a few things, right?). Sorry, honey.

The good news is that I do have the Apple watch on my list of things to pick up for him this holiday, and I have a feeling I’ll be picking it up at Target this weekend. Why Target and not Apple? Because Apple never offers sales on things, but Target is offering something pretty awesome to all shoppers who pick up the Apple iWatch this season. Right now, Target is offering a $100 Target gift card with any Apple watch purchase.

If you’re thinking of taking advantage of this deal, you have until December 12 before it is no longer available. Additionally, the gift card deal is only available on the Milanese loop watch and the sport band – which comes in lavender, red, white, navy, orange, blue and gray. Watch prices range from $349 to $699 at Target right now.

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