Get 3 Free Bagels at Bruegger’s: Today Only


Free bagels? Yes, please. Because they are free, does that mean they have no calories and they are not early morning carbs? Or can we pretend this is the case since Bruegger’s wants to give us three free bagels today? Here’s the deal; bagels are awesome and there is no other way to put it. You can say what you want about bagels, but we know that most people love them and want them as often as possible – especially when they are free. And because today is your lucky day, you’re getting them free of charge at Bruegger’s if there is one near you.

It’s the shop’s anniversary, and they want you to have free bagels to celebrate their everlasting success. The best news is that you don’t even have to do anything to get these free bagels but show up at a certain time with a very simple coupon from their site. You know how some ‘free’ deals require you find this, that and the other and then bring this, that and your first born to redeem the offer? Yeah, this is not one of them. The shop has their anniversary on February 4 and they want their supporters to know they are appreciated.

Show up anytime between the hours of opening to 11 am and you can get free bagels. Celebrating their 33rd anniversary, the shop wants you to go online to and enter your name and email address. That’s when you will see a red coupon appear. Just click on it and then you will see it in your email within a few minutes. Just show the email in the store and you get up to three free bagels. It’s their gift to you for keeping them around for so long. With a deal this easy to get, we wonder what they’ll offer next year.

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