Fly to Hong Kong for Only $599 Round-Trip

United Airlines

Have you ever had a desire to visit Hong Kong? I’ve never been, but I’ve heard from many that it’s one of the most exciting, most amazing cities in the world to visit and it is on my list of places to eventually make it. Of course, I have four small kids so a flight that long isn’t in the books for me anytime in the near future, but one day when they’re a little older and a lot less “How many more minutes until we get there?” we might add this one into the vacation plan for the year. Either way, though, anyone else who loves the idea of visiting a city such as Hong Kong is going to flip over this new deal; round-trip flights for only $599.

Both United Airlines and Hainan Airlines are offering the deal, and it encompasses a few different aspects of travel. It seems that most of the United Airlines flights into Hong Kong are nonstop flights departing major cities in and around the United States while the other flights on Hainan Airlines seem to have a small layover here or there. Most of the least expensive flights depart major cities such as San Francisco, New York City and Chicago and are available at the moment for an undetermined amount of time.

Travel dates for prices this low are nearing an end soon, however, so you’ll need to book now and plan on traveling before the end of April as most of the flights increase in price following the start of May. If you have time to go now, we’d recommend that you do that so you can enjoy the low price, the gorgeous city and the fact that right now Hong Kong is a great place to visit when traveling internationally.

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