Fly to Hawaii from New York or Boston for Only $489 Roundtrip

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Do you love United Airlines? At the moment, it really doesn’t matter. Even if they are not your favorite airline to fly, they are about to become your favorite if you live anywhere near Boston or New York City. At the moment, it’s cold there. Perhaps you northerners are looking for a good reason to spend some time outside your gorgeous cities and in a place that’s a bit warmer and a bit more tropical, and we can find that kind of deal for you right here.

Are you dreaming of Hawaii? If so, you can book a ticket right now on United Airlines to Hawaii for only $489 roundtrip. For that particular flight, it’s practically free for you to do just that. If you have some travel flexibility, too, you’ll love that you can fly out of either La Guardia in New York City or Boston to Honolulu for this low price. It appears that the price is good right now for tickets purchased for travel dates anywhere from the end of February through the middle of May, which offers plenty of travel flexibility for those who cannot just pack up and leave right now.

Some of the flights are a bit more expensive than others, but many of them begin at $489 and go up to around $517. Either way, the price is fantastic for a trip this long to a location this desirable. We’d recommend it and not only because we are huge fans of Hawaii and spending as much time there as possible. It’s nice to escape the cold from time to time, so why not escape it to one of the most fabulous destinations in the world  and spend some time enjoying yourself in the gorgeous Aloha State? For prices this low, we recommend it; and do it quick, because there is no telling when prices will go up.


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