Fly From Los Angeles to Stockholm for Only $99 Each Way

flight to sweden

If ever you’ve had the desire to visit Stockholm, and many people do, you will want to take advantage of this amazing new flight offer. Right now, anyone looking to fly out of the Los Angeles International Airport can fly to Stockholm for only $99 each way. The flights are being offered by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) for a limited time only. This is a deal that is so much better than anything you’ll find on even a budget airline, and it’s not a joke. Some might think that it’s a mistake, but the deal is amazing. From the U.S. to Europe for less than $100 each way? That’s the deal of a lifetime.

Here’s all you need to know about this too-good-to-be-true deal. You have to book your flight prior to March 6, 2016. After that, the price goes up to something that might be a little more ‘normal’ for a flight that distance. The other downfall is that you have to be ready to fly out of LAX and return to LAX during the timeframe between March 14 and March 25. It doesn’t give you much time to plan your travel, but you do have a few weeks to consider what this means for you.

If you want to visit Stockholm, do it now. The city is beautiful, the views are amazing and the people are rumored to be among the nicest in the world. Now is a beautiful time of year to visit the country and see the different way of life and how other people live in other countries. If you can take the time to travel on such short notice, do it. You might never get another opportunity like this one again, and the worst thing you can do in life is live with regret.

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