Certain United Members Can Now Purchase Elite Status

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United Airlines loves to make the world an easier and more enjoyable place for those in it, so they are looking to find a way to make their members happier than ever. One way that the airline is doing that in 2016 is by allowing their members to purchase Elite Status. In a world where airlines are making it more difficult than ever to reach the level of elite status, this is a good deal. While the vast majority of airlines have switched over to a new mileage-based plan, United is giving their members a chance to buy the status that they want. It’s not entirely easy to reach elite status now that many airlines only award miles based on the price you pay rather than the miles you fly, but United is offering a bit of a reprieve for anyone willing to pay the price.

Unfortunately, United made this a pretty expensive purchase. The airline has targeted its patrons with at least one qualifying flight in 2015 who has not already reached 1K status. The airline is tailoring its offer to members individually, so there is no telling what the price might be; but it does depend on the offer you are given. To purchase silver status for the year for some, the price is actually well over $3,000. Unless you fly weekly and you always fly United, you might not find this to be a very good value. Of course, if you fly that often, you probably have no issue reaching silver status on your own. If you are a United member, check your account online to see where you stand and which personalized offer was made to you. You might find that it’s a much better deal than some other United flyers have been offered; or you might not. Either way, the offer is on the table.

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