Book a JetBlue Awards Flight and Get 25% Off the Price


Have we mentioned to you in the past that travel is the only thing money can buy that makes you richer? It’s because it’s true and we cannot stress that enough. That’s why JetBlue’s offer of discounted awards flights is a big deal. First and foremost, you’re already flying free of charge on an award flight since you already paid for the tickets and items that earned you the miles you’re using to book an awards flight. Additionally, it’s pretty nice to know that you can save a few miles to use at a later date when you get a nice discount on something that’s already mostly free. Right now the airline is offering anyone who books an award flight a 25% discount on the number of miles used to book the flight.

There are a few stipulations that do have an effect on your ticket purchasing power, though. For one, you have to have your tickets purchased no later than today – March 4 – and you have to travel between certain dates. If you have a flexible schedule, though, that should be no problem at all. Dates for travel must be on, between and before April 26, 2016 and June 16, 2016. There are also blackout dates of which you should be made aware. No award flights will be offered from May 26, to May 30 and no flights on any Sunday during this time frame.

As far as the number of points needed to redeem a free flight, that varies. JetBlue values the number of miles for each ticket based on the actual ticket price, which means you’re going to want to check the flight prices where you want to go to figure that out. In reality, though, the cheaper the flight the less miles it will take to book it as an award flight.

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