American Airlines Offers Up To 42.5% Bonus Points Plus 10% Off

American Airlines

American Airlines periodically announces some special deals and promotions designed to allow flyers to earn more for their money and enjoy the perks of additional points without earning them the old-fashioned way; you know, actually flying. Right now the airline is offering customers a chance to earn a sizable amount of points by purchasing them outright, which is a nice way of earning points without doing anything else. The catch is that this deal will not be around much longer, so it works in your favor to take advantage of it right now. You have through February 8 to take advantage.

You can earn a bonus as much as 42.5% when you purchase 100,000 miles or more. That bonus drops to 40% when you purchase at least 75,000 miles and 37.5% when you purchase at least 40,000 miles. The best part about this deal is that you get 10% off the cost of your miles, so you earn a secondary bonus. The offer for the 10% off the price of miles is good past the 8th of February, but the big bonus is no longer valid.

To break it down for you, you can purchase miles from American Airlines to $29.50 per 1,000 miles. Let’s say you want to purchase 40,000 miles and earn the 37.5% bonus. You will get a 10% discount on the miles, so the grand total of $1,180 would actually only cost you $1,062 and you’d get an additional 15,000 miles for it. That’s a grand total of 55,000 miles for only $1,062. That’s not a bad price when you consider the fact that the total for those without the bonus is $1,622.50.

The promotion is available by visiting the American Airlines website and choosing the ‘buy miles’ option. You can buy them for yourself or someone else, and you have to do is enter the number of miles you’d like to purchase and your payment information. The miles will take a few days to post to your account before you can use them. Hurry, though; this offer ends soon.

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