10 Most Ridiculous Things People Say to Cops


There are at least 10 ridiculous things people say to cops when pulled over or busted. None of them ever work that often.

Being hassled due to their ethnicity/race


The race card is one of the more ridiculous things people say these days, as it’s an attempt to catch an officer in a racist moment. It’s true, there are police officers that are questionable in their methods, but it’s not the norm.

Claiming to be holding drugs for another person


If a person is busted with drugs or paraphernalia in their possession, some decide to state that the drugs are not theirs. It’s a weak excuse at best and a foolish thing to say at worst.

Stating that the clothes they’re wearing aren’t theirs


Amazingly enough, this can be the case, but it’s not common. The excuse is, well, kind of gross to think about if it’s true.

Using ‘Do you know who I am?’ to get out of trouble


Celebrities have used this excuse when busted. But plenty of people, such as social media influencers, have tried it too. It doesn’t work that well.

Stating who their parents are and what they can do


If you feel the need to cite who your parents are it means you still have a lot of growing up to do. Otherwise, this is one of the most ridiculous things people say that elicits a laugh from a lot of cops.

Claiming they can’t breathe


Ever since the infamous George Floyd incident, people have attempted to use this to obtain leniency. The problem is that when one is shouting they can’t breathe they’re actively snitching on themselves.

They’re traveling, not driving


Yeah, this is an excuse that gets used. Technically, you can travel, but it never involves a vehicle that uses an engine for locomotion.

The cops have no jurisdiction over them (sovereign citizen)


Here’s the thing. If you live in the USA, then you’re an American citizen. That means you obey the laws of the land. Kind of simple, really.

Thinking they have a ‘gotcha’ moment with the cops


The funny thing about some people is that they believe that they know the law better than cops. That’s like saying you know more than a writer because you completed an essay.

Their taxes pay the cop’s salary


Cops just love hearing this, I say with the utmost sarcasm. It’s true, taxes do help pay for a police force. But unless your name is on their paycheck, it’s best to leave this unsaid.


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