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Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a hugely popular supermarket in many areas of the country. The retail location is well known for its appearance, its products and its popularity, and many people choose to shop here over the other local competition. However, Whole Foods has the same problem as so many other grocery stores across the country; high prices. The price of food continues to rise with regularity, but the savings you’re looking for at the store seem to be disappearing. Worry not, we have several great coupons and promo codes that will save you a bundle on your next trip to Whole Foods. You can print any of these coupons online at wfm.com/coupons.

Save $.75 on any Alexia Item

You can save $.75 on any one Alexia item just in time to cook your next meal by using this printable coupon.

Save $1 on any Way Better Snacks Chips

You can save $1 on any one Way Better Snacks pita or tortilla chips with this printable coupon.

Save $2 on any Imagine broths, gravy or soup

When you purchase two of these, you can save $2 on your purchase.

Save $.55 on Asian cooking sauces gluten-free products

Purchase any San-J Asian Cooking Sauce (they’re all gluten-free) and save $.55 on your purchase.

Buy one Brown Cow Yogurt and get one free

You will get a second Brown Cow Yogurt in your choice flavor free of charge with the purchase of one.

Save $1 on Organic Valley sour cream

Buy a 16-ounce package of Organic Valley sour cream and get $1 off your purchase.

Save $1 on any Beyond Meat Pack  

You can save $1 when you purchase any one Beyond Meat pack before cooking your next meal.

Save $2 on 3 Tasty Bite Products

These products are a favorite at Whole Foods, and you can save $2 when you purchase any three at the same time no matter the flavor.

Save $1 on any two bottles of Honest Tea

Tea lovers will adore this $1 savings on the purchase of 2 16-ounce bottles of Honest Tea in any flavor.

Save $1 on 5 Clif Bars

They make the perfect on-the-go snack or meal replacement when you simply don’t have time, and saving $1 on the purchase of 5 is a great deal.

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