Simple Ways to Obtain Pampers Coupons


Parents know that there are a lot of things that make raising a child pretty expensive; like the child, for example. We all start our live thinking, “If we could just get out of the diaper stage, life would be so much more affordable,” and then we realize that it’s bigger clothes and shoes and school supplies and field trips and everything in between; and then comes college. But for now, you’re worried about things like formula and diapers, and we don’t blame you. Trust me, I’ve had kids in diapers for going on 7 years now. Our oldest was just out when our middle was born and our middle was just out when our twins were born. At 1, we’re spending a LOT of money on diapers for two babies and, naturally, we have a love of Pampers diapers since they are the best. With that said, I’ve learned how to help you get diapers a lot less expensive using Pampers coupons, and I’ll share with you.

Check Your Local Store Listing

Our favorite place to shop for groceries is Publix and they are always offering Pampers coupons on their store app. We recommend that you check with your favorite store to get some of the Pampers coupons offered by local stores.

Pampers Sales

One of the other things we’ve noticed about Pampers is that they go on sale every few weeks for a few dollars or more off the price of a package at our favorite supermarket. We plan out our diaper shopping so that we always save $5-$10 on our purchases, and that really does add up.

Target Sales

It’s not technically a coupon, but every few weeks Target offers discounts on Pampers and other brands by offering gift cards to the store if you buy a certain number of diapers. Our favorite sale is the $20 gift card for every 2 extra large boxes of diapers you purchase.

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