Why Pizza Hut Deals are Better Now than Ever Before

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has come a long way since the 90s. It was back then that people would complain viciously about the horrible deals and coupons that were available, and how they ended up not getting what they ordered because of the unofficial ‘fine print’ associated with coupons. You have to remember, the 90s was not a time in which you could grab your smart phone and instruct Siri to find the best Pizza Hut deals for your next order so that you can have a bevy of coupon codes from which to choose.

These were the days when coupons were mailed out, found in papers and given out in stores; and it was rare. Let’s go back to sometime in the early 90s when hundreds of customers received coupons for two pizzas. They could buy a pizza and get a second pizza for a $3 discount. This was exciting stuff in a day when a large pizza was less than $8 as it was. However, from the many complaints uncovered from the time this deal was going on; it wasn’t as good as it was cracked up to be. People would order their pizzas, receive one that was fine and a second one that had just a few of each topping on it. The discounted price of the second pizza apparently meant that buyers would also receive ‘discounted’ pizza toppings. Imagine ordering a large pepperoni pizza and receiving only five pepperonis.

Fortunately, Pizza Hut has changed their couponing ways and their new coupons are much less irritating and much more helpful. Here are a few of the best promotions they have going on right now.

Get a medium 3-topping pizza for only $6 – enter code TEOMED3T6 when you check out

This is a code that will get you a medium pizza complete with 3 toppings for only $6.

Get a large pizza with one topping for $8 – enter code TEOLG1T8 at check out

Get a large pizza with one topping for just $8 with this coupon code.

Get $5 off any $25 purchase online when you use your Visa card – enter code VISAFIVE at checkout  

Buy your pizza with a Visa and get $5 off your $25 online purchase.

Get a 1-stopping pizza, an order of breadsticks and 10 cinnamon treats for $10 – enter code 10BOX at check out

Use this coupon code to get a one-topping pizza, a family order of breadsticks and 10 of Pizza Hut’s delicious cinnamon treats for only $10.

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