Home Depot Coupons Aren’t Even Necessary with This Awesome Savings Offer

Home Depot

You can find Home Depot coupons all over the internet, but you don’t always need them. Did you know that your favorite home improvement store has your best financial interests at heart, and that means that you’re going to save big time when you shop here rather than other retailers? It’s true; Home Depot offers some of the best price match guarantees in the industry, designed so that it’s nearly impossible for consumers to shop anywhere else. It’s a simple process. If you find something you want for less at a competitive location, you simply need to bring proof to Home Depot. The item has to be exactly the same item, and it has to be exactly the same brand for this to work. If you bring in proof that this item is less expensive at Lowes, for example, Home Depot will not only price match, but they will also give you an additional 10% off the price of the item at their stores. There are a few rules, however, that you should know before you try to use this verbal ‘coupon’ at Home Depot.

Clearance Items Don’t Count

Say Lowes is having a big clearance sale and you want to take the clearance price and save an additional 10%. You can’t do that at Home Depot. This program does not include anything marked as a clearance item, which means it’s best to go where you are and buy it while the clearance offer is on the table.

Going Out of Business

You might think that this is a great way to save a little extra money, but it won’t work. If a competitor is going out of business and selling their entire inventory for a discounted price, Home Depot is not going to match the price at their stores.

Seasonal Items

We all want to decorate our homes for the holidays at prices that don’t make us cringe, but it’s not always a possibility. When items go on sale after the seasons are over, Home Depot will not price match any other competitor since all their seasonal stuff is also on sale.

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