Easy Ways to Get CVS Coupons


CVS is one of the leading drugstores and pharmacies in the country, and they have just about everything you might need when a quick stop is in order. In fact, it’s somewhere I regularly send my husband when we need something and he’s on the way home from work and I don’t want to take four kids out of the house and into the store for one or two items. Most people assume that they can shop here and get a great deal as is, but they don’t know that they can lower the price of their shopping trip significantly if they have the right CVS coupons and the knowledge as to how to get those coupons, how to use them and how to make them work best in their lives. We can, however, tell you just how to get those and what you need to make your next trip to CVS even less expensive than ever before.

Sign Up for Rewards

CVS has a rewards program that automatically lowers the price of just about everything you can buy in the store, which is why so many people choose to shop here. Just sign up for it online or in the store and you can get these rewards instantly.

Check the Paper

CVS is good about putting their rewards and coupons in the paper, so you can save money by cutting these out anytime you go shopping so that you can save money and make your trip that much less expensive and that much more enjoyable.

Look at Your Receipt

If you aren’t looking at your CVS receipt when you leave the store, you are doing yourself a disservice. These often contain great coupons for big discounts on things that you might need the most, from baby items to medications.

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